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Wireless Remote Switch Double Rocker FAQ

1. What function does this Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) support?

It has two press buttons, and both buttons support single press, double press and long press , and can be configured in "automation" to control other devices remotely.

2. Installation location and precautions.

It can either be fastened to the wall or placed on a table. Installation on a metal door is not recommended because metal surfaces can have an adverse effect on the signal. When being used as a doorbell, the wireless switch can be installed on the wall next to a metal door. (Please consult the user manual for more details)

3. What is the maximum installation distance between the Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) and the Mi Control Hub?

The indoor environment varies, and maximum signal strength between the Control Hub and the Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) is different. The maximum communication distance is 20 meters and there should not be more than two walls in between.

4. How to identify if the Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) works properly?

1. Single press any button for more than five times consistantly. If the Hub makes voice prompts, "Normal link confirmed", it indicates that the Hub and the Switch communicates properly.
2. If there is no voice prompts, please move the switch closer to the Hub and try again. If there is still no voice prompt, the sensor might be deleted or run out of battery. Please refer to the device adding methods to add the device or replace the battery.
3. Single press any button several times, enter the page of Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) in app, refresh the device records (log). If there is related log, it indicates the device works properly.

5. How do I reset the Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) ?

1. If the sensor hasn't been paired to a hub, press and hold the button on the device for more than 10 seconds. The indicator will flash 3 times before resetting to factory settings.
2. If the sensor has been paired with an hub, please delete the sensor from the phone app first.