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Smart Plug FAQ

1. What can the Aqara Smart plug do?

Aqara Smart Plug can control the on/off status of connected appliances through controlling the supply of power in the plug. With the Hub, the Aqara Smart Plug can be controlled through the phone app. This allows for different timed settings and other combined settings with other smart devices.

2. Can the Aqara Smart Plug connect to WiFi? Does the Aqara Smart Plug require a Hub?

The Aqara Smart Plug is a Zigbee protocol enabled device. It requires the Hub to function and can not directly connect to WiFi.

3. How do you connect to Aqara Smart plug?

First, ensure that the Hub is operating normally. Then open the Aqara Home app, select the “+” in the upper right corner. Enter device list and choose Smart Plug, then follow the instructions in the app.

4. How do you reset an Aqara Smart plug?

Long press the reset button for 5s or above on the Aqara Smart Plug. When the light shines red for 1s and changes to a quick, blue flashing, the Aqara Smart Plug has been successfully reset.

5. If the external network (ie. WiFi) is down, will the Aqara Smart Plug still function?

If the external network is down, the app control function for Aqara Smart Plug will no longer be available. But the local control for the Aqara Smart Plug will continue to be functional and its connection with other Smart Plugs will function normally.

6. Does the Aqara Smart plug have built in protections?

The Aqara Smart Plug has a built in socket protector to prevent accidental electrocutions.
The maximum load power of the Aqara Smart Plug is 1875W. When the connected appliance exceeds the maximum load power, the Aqara Smart Plug will automatically cut the power to avert any dangers.

7. Does the Aqara Smart Plug have built in memory in case of power cuts?

Due to safety reasons, when the power is off, the Aqara Smart Plug does not save settings. However, there is a “power off memory” option in the app. By choosing this option, the Smart Plug settings will be restored to its pre power off status.

8. What appliances can the Aqara Smart plug be used with?

The maximum load power for the Aqara Smart Plug is 1875W. The maximum load voltage and current are 100-125V and 15A, respectively. Appliances with load power, voltage and current that do not exceed these maximums can be used with the Smart Plug.

9. How do you verify an effective connection between the Smart Plug and Hub?

For the specific instructions, please refer to the “effective connection distance verification” instructions in the operating manual. If the Hub indicates “connection normal” then it means the Smart Plug and Hub are connected effectively. If there is no indication, please move the Smart Plug closer to the Hub and try again.

10. What do you do when the Smart Plug is disconnected?

Please check the WiFi network the hub is connected to and if the power supply for the hub is working normally. If the network and supply are working normally, please reset the Smart Plug and reconnect the Smart Plug according to instructions. If the connection is unsuccessful, please retry closer to the Hub.