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Motion Sensor FAQ

1. How to identify if the Aqara Motion Sensor works properly?

① Poke the reset hole of the Motion Sensor with the eject pin. If the Hub makes voice prompts, "Normal link confirmed", it indicates that the Hub and the Motion Sensor communicates properly. Go to ②; If there is no voice prompts, please move the sensor closer to the Hub and try again. If there is still no voice prompts, the sensor might be deleted or it might runs out of battery. Please refer to the device adding methods to add the device or replace the battery.
② Put your hand in front of the lens, enter the home of Motion Sensor in app, refresh the device records (log). If there is 1 to 5 minutes' log around this moment, it indicates that the device works properly.

2. Why does the Aqara Motion Sensor fail to connect? How to reconnect?

Possible reason:
1. Operation error. Please add the device according to the adding method again.
2. The device is too far apart from the Hub. Please move the device closer to the Hub.
3. There are too many devices under the Hub.

3. What is the Aqara Motion Sensor offline often?

Possible reason:
1. If the device is too far apart from the Hub, please test the distance between the sensor device and the Hub and install the device closer to the Hub.
2. Low battery or no battery. Please replace the battery.
3. The device is installed on the surface and the signal strength is interfered . Please avoid metal surface.

4. Where should the Aqara Motion Sensor be installed and how do I install them?

1. Install in the area that needs to be monitored, for example in the living room or bedroom (during installation, please refer to the portion of the manual regarding the motion sensor's operating range).
2. A coffee table, shoe cabinet or desk can be used, but ensure that it is installed close to the edge (recommended height is 1.2m to 2.1m);
3. Do not place on a metal surface or allow anything to block the motion sensor.

5. If a pet enters the detection area of the Aqara Motion Sensor, will it trigger the sensor?

Yes. If you do not want a pet to trigger the sensor. Please refer to the detection diagram in the quick start guide and place the motion sensor in a higher location. Thus a pet will not trigger the sensor when it moves on the ground. (Please refer to the quick start guide regarding the installation options).

6. The Aqara Motion Sensor does not respond, and indicator light does not blink when I poke the reset hole. Why is that?

Possible reason:
1. It runs out of battery;
2. PCB is damaged;
3. Sensor crashes.

7. The Motion Sensor does not respond, but indicator light blinks when I poke the reset hole. Why is that?

Possible reason:
1. PIR sensor or related circuit is damaged;
2. Sensor is triggered each minute and it is right in interval between each minute;
3. The detecting interval extends to 10 minutes in sub-health or warehouse mode;
4. Lens are damaged.

8. The Aqara Motion Sensor does not respond, but indicator light is dim when I poke the reset hole. Why is that?

Battery low

9. The Aqara Motion sensor is not sensitive to detect motion. Why is that?

The Aqara Motion sensor detects once every minute by default and goes to sleep mode after it is triggered. After one minute, it is triggered again. It might be right in the sleep mode when you were using it.

10. Some trigger interval of the Motion Sensor is long and some is short. Why is that?

One hour after it is connected to the network (Newly added to the network mode), the Motion Sensor is triggered once every 5 seconds. If it is not triggered within an hour, it automatically enters Normal User Mode. It is then triggered once every minute.

11. There is no motion of human or pets in the detection area but why can I still see the log in the app?

It might happen if the Motion Sensor is placed close to the heat source, micro wave stove, air conditioner or the area that is exposed to strong light.

12. How can the Aqara Motion Sensor be reset? When should it be reset?

1. Push in and hold the reset hole on the device for 3 seconds. The indicator will flash 3 times before resetting to factory settings;
2. If a sensor needs to be paired with another sensor hub, it will need to be reset before the new pairing will succeed.