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Smart Plug FAQ

1. What is the function of the Cube controller?

Cube controller can control all the smart devices that can execute actions in Mi Home app. For example, shake to control the night light on the Control Hub; Flip 90°to turn on or off the Smart Plug; Flip 180°to control Wall Switch.

2. Why cannot the Cube controller connect to the Control Hub?

1. Open the bottom cover by inserting the metal strip into the slot;
2. Move the Cube controller close to the Control Hub, add the sub-device to the Control Hub via the app. The Control Hub makes voice prompt, "Ready to Connect".
3. Long press the reset button in the bottom cover to connect.

3. Why does it show that Cube controller is offline?

1. Cube controller is too far away from the Control Hub. Please try to move it closer to the Control Hub;
2. Wireless network disconnects, or other reasons that cause the Control Hub to disconnect;
3. It might run out of battery. Please replace the battery and try again.

4. Is it necessary to distinguish the direction of the Cube controller?

The Cube controller uses gyroscope sensor and you can operate the designated action in any direction.

5. Can the Cube controller connect to my smart phone directly?

No, it cannot connect to your smart phone directly. Please connect the Control Hub to your smart phone first and then connect the Cube controller to the Control Hub.

6.How to operate the action of the Cube controller?

After the Cube controller is added successfully, you can check the related action tutorial video. You can also check "More" in the top right corner of the Cube controller page to watch the action demonstration.

7. The operating actions are not sensitive, why?

Please place the Cube controller on the flat surface to use. If you use it on the soft surface, such as, sofa or pillow, certain actions might not work properly.

8. What is the maximum response distance between the Cube controller and the Control Hub? Can the signal go through the wall?

The maximum indoor response distance between the Cube controller and the Control Hub is about 10 meters (including barriers, such as, wall). The maximum outdoor response distance is 65 meters.

9. If the network fails, do the Cube controller and the Control Hub still respond to each other?

1. The Cube controller still works properly. According to the actions set in the app, when different actions are taken, different results will be executed. For example, before the network disconnects, you can set up in the app, Flip 180°of the Cube controller to turn on or off the Mi Smart Plug (Please note the Cube controller and the Smart Plug are connected to the same Control Hub). After it disconnects, it can still control properly.
2. If the network is disconnected, you can not use the app to control nor does it respond but the local automation still works properly.

10. Under normal connection, why do not the Control Hub and Cube controller work stably?

Please ensure the distance between the Control Hub and Cube controller are within 10 meters. If this situation happens, please move the sensor close to the Hub.

11. How to identify the controllers of the same type connected to one Control Hub?

You can rename the controllers to distinguish them. After the Cube controller is connected to the Control Hub, you can name it as your wish or you can long press the related controller icon in the app to rename it.