An Air Conditioning Controller and Smart Home Hub
Aqara Air Conditioning Controller (Hub Version) is an intelligent product that control the air Conditioning with infrared based on Wi-Fi and ZigBee wireless transmission technology and the control center of ZigBee equipment in smart home. It achieves energy conservation, power saving, comfortable sleep, local control and other high-end functions when being matched with Mi ZigBee sensors and controllers.
Remote control and timing reservation
You can turn on the air-conditioning and activate the rapid cooling mode on your way home, your house will be nice and cool,when you arrive home on a hot summer day.
Save power with clear statistics
Do you know the power consumed by the air Conditioning in your home? Aqara's Air Conditioning Controller not only calculates the consumed power, but also accurately detects the actual power of air Conditioning. It also enables you to save power with clear statistics by means of various functions, such as remotely turning off air Conditioning and sensor linkage (opening the window to turn off air Conditioning).
Dynamic temperature adjustment to create a comfortable sleeping environment
Aqara's Air Conditioning controller, when linked with a Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor, can automatically adjust the indoor temperature to your ideal sleep settings.

※This function shall be matched with Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
Combine Aqara's Air Conditioning Controller with a Mi Temp & Humidity Sensor to enable a wide variety of functions

Aqara's Air Conditioning Controller also serves as a network hub, allowing you to link with other with Mi intelligent home products enabling exciting applications; e.g. opening the window turns off the air Conditioning, shaking the Cube turns on the air Conditioning, or turning on a lamp when someone passes by. The built-in light level sensor, matched with an Aqara Light Switch, or a Wireless Switch or Yeelight, provides useful information to an intelligent illumination system. More functions are to be discovered by you.

Turn off the air Conditioning when you open windows
Affix Door & Window Sensor on the window, the air Conditioning will be turned off once you open the window, reducing energy consumption and cost.
Automatically turn on air Conditioning when motion is detected, for example someone passes by
Place the motion sensor in the house and set it to sense the movement of people, then you can automatically turn on the air Conditioning at home without the remote controller, enjoying the intelligence and convenience anytime.
Shake Cube to turn on air Conditioning
Shake the Cube to turn on the air Conditioning, and turn it over at 90° to adjust up/down the air speed.
Press intelligent doorbell to play FM

Aqara's Air Conditioning Controller not only serves as a doorbell, you can personalize the ringing sound to differentiates your home with others.

You can also listen to FM-radio programs from the integrated speaker.

High-quality process
We believe that intelligent homes should improve your daily life, save energy and be simple enough to integrate with our daily life.
Active Aqara Air Conditioning Controller in 3 steps without installation